A Cantata of Psalms by
 Lindsay Lafford, Lord of Ridley 

A Cantata of Psalms World Premiere, November 16, 2007
"A Cantata of Psalms"
World Premiere, November 16, 2007. With Cantemus and Apperson Chamber Orchestra. Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona
  1. Part One: Chorus: Praise ye the Lord
  2. Mezzo Solo: By the waters of Babylon
  3. Chorus: Happy are they
  4. Tenor Solo: How long, 0 Lord?
  5. Chorus & Bass Solo: Lord, who may dwell
  6. Quartet & Chorus: I lift my eyes to the hills
  7. Soprano Solo: The Lord is my Shepherd
  8. Chorus: He shall come down like rain
  9. Tenor Solo: The fool has said in his heart
  10. Chorus: When the Lord restored
  11. Mezzo Solo: As the deer longs
  12. Chorus: God spoke from his holy place
  13. Part Two: Prelude
  14. Bass Solo: Hallelujah! Give thanks to the Lord
  15. Chorus: I will bless the Lord at all times
  16. Soprano & Tenor Solos & Chorus: Out of the deep have I called
  17. Chorus: The Lord is King!
  18. Mezzo Solo & Chorus: O give thanks unto the Lord
  19. Chorus: Oh, how good and pleasant
  20. Chorus: I lift my eyes to the mountains
  21. Soprano Solo: Praise ye the Lord
  22. Chorus & Quartet: I was glad

A Cantata of Psalms
by Lindsay Lafford, Lord of Ridley
Cantemus Chorus and Orchestra
Mark S. Francis, Mus. Director
Jim Apperson, concertmaster
Julia Lafford Welbon, soprano
Eileen Mager, mezzo
Darrell Rowader, tenor
Ben Shafer, bass
Jana Starling, clarinet; Alan DePuy, organ
—The composer conducting—
November 16, 2007
Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona
Premiere performance

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